It's cold outside and the day's are short. 
Grandpa and Grandma just sat down at the
table for a warm meal ...


The products for this meal are created by Els.

Carved Chest

Last weekend I joined a workshop from Ann High
at Annelies place, to make a beautifull
14th century chest with a carved tilting scene.
This is the one I made:

Saturday early in the morning:
This is my piece of wood I used to practise making
lines, learn how to use tools in the right way;
I had no experience at all and it doesn't look
very promising ...

I still cannot believe she made me carve the
tilting scene as it is.
We finished the carved scene on Sunday afternoon.
I did like the carving part the most; in a way it is relaxing
and it was hard to stop. But in the afternoon we had to get
on with the last part of the workhop;
finish the chest, take it home ... and play!